AvaTrade Thailand Review

AvaTrade was established in 2006, and it has since grown to become one of the most reputable and trusted brokers in the industry. AvaTrade is regulated by several financial authorities, including the Central Bank of Ireland, ASIC, and FSA. AvaTrade is committed to providing its clients with a seamless trading experience and continues to innovate and improve its services to meet the changing needs of traders. This AvaTrade Thailand review will closely examine the broker’s features, services, customer service, and overall performance.

AvaTrade Thailand offers a wide range of services to traders in Thailand and is a leading online trading platform. The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) licenses this regulated broker. Its clients enjoy a secure and reliable trading environment with access to various trading instruments such as Forex, CFDs, stocks trading, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The platform also provides traders with educational resources and tools to improve their trading skills. AvaTrade Thailand strives to provide the best trading experience possible, as evident in its reviews.

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How to Get Started with AvaTrade Thailand

AvaTrade Thailand allows users to trade a variety of financial instruments, including stocks, commodities, indices, and currencies. Traders can access a wide range of markets and benefit from competitive spreads, low commissions, and fast execution.

To get started, users need to open an account by visiting the AvaTrade website and clicking on the “Open Account” button. After providing some basic information, such as name, address, and contact details, users can log in to their account and start trading. The trading platform allows users to view the different markets and instruments available for trading, as well as the current prices of the different instruments, and place orders.

AvaTrade Forex also offers a range of educational resources, including tutorials, webinars, and other materials to help users learn more about trading and the markets. Additionally, customer support services are available via email, phone, or live chat.

With AvaTrade Forex Broker in Thailand, users can trade with confidence, knowing that they are getting the best possible trading experience.

Account Types

The Standard Account

  • suitable for novice traders who are just starting out
  • offers competitive spreads
  • leverage up to 1:400
  • access to a wide range of trading instruments.

The Professional Account

  • intended for experienced traders looking for more advanced features
  • offers tighter spreads
  • leverage up to 1:400, and
  • access to a wide range of trading instruments.

The VIP Account

  • designed for high-volume traders who are seeking the best trading conditions
  • offers the tightest spreads
  • leverage up to 1:400
  • access to a wide range of trading instruments

Islamic Account

  • for traders who wish to trade by Sharia law.
  • offer the same features as the Standard, Professional, and VIP Accounts
  • no interest or swap charges

Trading Instruments

AvaTrade provides a wide range of trading instruments that cater to the needs of all types of traders, whether they are beginners or experienced traders. Here is a summary of the various trading instruments available on AvaTrade in Thailand.


AvaTrade offers a wide range of currency pairs for trading, including major, minor, and exotic pairs. Traders can make a profit by trading currencies against each other, making Forex trading the most popular trading instrument in Thailand.


Traders can speculate on the price movements of a wide range of underlying assets, such as stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies using CFDs, or Contracts for Difference. AvaTrade Thailand offers a wide range of CFDs, including indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.


Using options, a sort of derivative instrument, traders can speculate on the price movements of underlying assets. AvaTrade Thailand offers a wide range of options, including vanilla options, binary options, and digital options.


AvaTrade provides a broad range of ETFs, such as sector, commodity, and currency ETFs, which track the performance of a specific index or sector. ETFs are an investment fund type.


Blockchain technology forms the basis of digital currencies known as cryptocurrencies. AvaTrade Thailand provides a broad selection of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

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Trading Platforms

AvaTrade offers traders a variety of trading platforms to choose from:

  • MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms. – Traders around the world widely use these platforms, which offer advanced charting tools, technical analysis indicators, and the ability to automate trading strategies.
  • WebTrader – Traders who prefer a simpler trading experience or want to trade on the go can access a web-based platform without the need for downloading or installing software. This platform is accessible from any browser.
  • AvaOptions – Designed specifically for options trading. It offers advanced risk management tools, customizable options strategies, and access to a wide range of markets through this platform.
  • AvaTradeGo – Traders can access their accounts from anywhere and trade on the go with AvaTradeGo, a mobile trading app. The app provides real-time market updates, and customizable watchlists, and enables traders to execute trades easily with just a few taps.

AvaTrade also offers automated trading options through its AvaSocial, DupliTrade, and Capitalise.ai platforms.

  • AvaSocial allows traders to connect with other traders, share ideas, and copy trades.
  • DupliTrade is a copy trading platform that allows traders to automatically copy the trades of successful traders.
  • Capitalise.ai is an AI-powered platform that allows traders to automate their trading strategies without the need for coding or programming skills.

AvaTrade Thailand offers traders a broad selection of trading platforms and tools that cater to their distinct requirements and preferences. AvaTrade has a platform that can assist traders in achieving their trading objectives, whether they are novices or seasoned professionals.


AvaTrade Thailand offers a wide range of services to its customers and is a leading online trading platform. Users must understand the fees associated with the broker before trading.

  • The commission fee, which is charged for each trade placed, is based on the trade’s size and asset type and is usually a percentage of the total value.
  • The spread fee, which is a fixed amount charged for each trade, is the difference between the bid and ask prices of an asset.
  • The overnight fee, which is charged for holding a position overnight, is typically a percentage of the total value of the trade.
  • Users are also charged an inactivity fee, which is a fixed amount charged each month for not trading for a specific period.
  • AvaTrade Thailand also charges fees for deposits and withdrawals, account maintenance, and certain platform features.

Understanding these fees is critical before deciding to use AvaTrade broker in Thailand. It is important to remember that these fees can accumulate over time, so users should consider them when making their decision.

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Deposit & Withdrawal Options

AvaTrade provides its clients with a variety of deposit and withdrawal options to meet their needs. The options consist of bank transfers, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and wire transfers.

Bank transfers are a popular option for those who prefer to transfer funds directly from their bank account to their AvaTrade trading account. This option is secure and usually takes 1-5 business days to process.

Credit/debit cards are another popular option for depositing funds into an AvaTrade Thailand trading account. This option is convenient and allows for instant deposits. However, it is important to note that some banks may charge additional fees for credit/debit card transactions.

E-wallets, such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller, are also available as deposit options. These e-wallets offer a secure and efficient way to transfer funds. Deposits made through e-wallets are usually processed instantly.

Wire transfers are another option for depositing funds into an AvaTrade trading account. This option is ideal for those who prefer to transfer larger amounts of money. However, wire transfers can take longer to process and may be subject to additional fees.

AvaTrade  Thailand provides the same options for withdrawals as deposits. However, the chosen method determines the processing time for withdrawals. Credit/debit card and e-wallet withdrawals are typically processed within 1-5 business days, while bank transfers and wire transfers may take up to 10 business days to process.

AvaTrade Thailand Payment Options

Security Measures

AvaTrade Thailand provides a secure and reliable trading environment for its customers. The company has implemented several security measures to ensure the safety of its customers’ funds and data.

To protect its customers’ data, AvaTrade Thailand uses the latest encryption technology. The company encrypts all data using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, which is the industry standard for secure data transmission. This ensures that all data is kept safe and secure from unauthorized access.

AvaTrade broker also has measures in place to protect its customers’ funds. The company holds all funds in segregated accounts, which are separate from the company’s funds. This ensures that customers’ funds are not used for any other purpose than trading. Furthermore, all funds are held in secure, regulated banks.

To protect its customers from fraud, AvaTrade Forex broker in Thailand has implemented fraud prevention measures such as two-factor authentication and anti-money laundering procedures. These measures help to ensure that customers’ funds are not misused or stolen.

Lastly, AvaTrade Thailand has a dedicated customer support team that is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns that customers may have. The team is highly trained and experienced in assisting customers.

Education Resources

Traders need the best educational resources to become successful, and AvaTrade Thailand provides a variety of them. The AvaTrade in Thailand website has tutorials, webinars, and eBooks to help traders learn the basics of trading and develop their skills.

The webinars and eBooks provide an in-depth look at the markets and how to trade them. The AvaTrade Academy also offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses covering topics such as technical analysis, risk management, and trading strategies.

In addition, AvaTrade Thailand provides support services like customer service, technical support, and account management to help traders manage their accounts and trade safely. By using the broker’s educational resources and support services, traders can become successful and profitable.

Customer Support Services

AvaTrade Thailand provides customers with a wide range of services and products and is committed to offering the best customer support services. The company offers live chat, email, and telephone support to its customers.

  • Customers can use the live chat feature to ask questions, get help with technical issues, and receive assistance with account management. The feature is available 24/7.
  • Customers can also contact AvaTrade Thailand via email, and the company ensures a response within 24 hours.
  • Additionally, telephone support is available, and customers can speak with a representative to address their concerns.

AvaTrade Thailand is dedicated to providing the best customer service experience to its customers.

The Pros & Cons

The Pros

AvaTrade Thailand offers several advantages to its customers.

  • It allows traders to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of different opportunities by providing access to a wide range of markets.
  • The platform provides a range of trading tools and features, such as automated trading and copy trading, which are easy to use.
  • AvaTrade Thailand offers a range of educational resources, such as webinars, tutorials, and e-books, which can help traders to improve their trading skills.
  • The platform also ensures security and reliability by having a range of safety measures in place to protect customers’ funds.

The Cons

AvaTrade Thailand has some drawbacks despite its advantages.

  • it does not offer a wide range of customer support.
  • it has a limited range of payment methods, which can be inconvenient for some customers. 

Is AvaTrade a Legitimate Forex Broker in Thailand?

AvaTrade is a legitimate forex broker in Thailand. It is a well-established broker with a good reputation in the industry. AvaTrade is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and is authorized by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) in the British Virgin Islands. This means that it adheres to strict regulatory requirements and is subject to regular audits to ensure that it is operating in a transparent and fair manner. Additionally, AvaTrade is a member of the Investor Compensation Company Limited (ICCL), which provides protection to investors in the event of the broker’s insolvency. Overall, AvaTrade is a reliable and trustworthy forex broker for traders in Thailand.


AvaTrade is a great choice for traders looking for a reliable and secure online trading platform. It offers a wide range of features and tools to help traders make informed decisions and maximize their profits. The customer service team is friendly and knowledgeable, and the fees are competitive. Overall, AvaTrade Thailand is a great choice for traders of all levels.

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