LiteForex Review Thailand

LiteForex Thailand Review

Today, more and more Forex traders in Thailand are interested in online Forex trading in Thailand. But how can you be a part of this great marketplace? You can only enter through a broker that will serve as your guide to connect you to the Forex market. The broker you sign up for will define your entire forex trading journey. From the currency pairs, fees you pay, and the tools you can use. In this LiteForex Thailand Review, we will discuss how can LiteForex act as an outstanding Forex broker in Thailand.

Also, ensure that your needs fit the profile of your broker as well. It is for you to have a good working profitable partnership. So, how do you know which Thailand forex brokers are most fit for you? Companies like LiteForex in Thailand will be a source of professional guidance and support for Thai traders. If you wish to trade with LiteForex in Thailand, please take the time to read this LiteForex Thailand review. Surely, you would like to know whether it is a scam or a worthy broker you can fully trust.

Who is LiteForex?

LiteForex has been over 15 years in the online brokerage industry. It quickly gains a reputation as a trustworthy broker. The company is based in Cyprus and has many account types. It keeps a low-cost structure that is fully compliant with EU financial regulations. The broker is packed with ease of account funding and investor education. It lets traders improve their trading skills and make profits. The LiteForex website has great financial analysis and has tutorials that will bring new traders up to speed while giving expert ones the knowledge they need.

With LiteForex, you can choose either MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 as platforms for your trading ventures. It allows traders access to mobile and desktop trading 24 hours a day.

Whom Is Liteforex Recommended For?

LiteForex is for traders of various knowledge and experience levels. The broker has education resources found on the website. And through its partnership with Claws & Horns, which is a great help to traders.

LiteForex Thailand

Top Liteforex Features

Access to expert analysis and trading information

LiteForex website has educational resources and financial news to give traders the edge in competitive global financial markets. Make sure to learn how your trading platform works. Learn how to take hold of global trading times. Also, study how to manage investment risk. Take time to look around the LiteForex platforms, and train yourself to think more logically about the markets.

Low fee structure

The Classic account has no commissions instead of markup within the various spreads offered by LiteForex.

Simple Signup process

When traders register to a new account and fund it, they can choose various payment methods and start trading.

Excellent customer service

The customer support team is open 24/5, either through phone or live chat.

Regulatory Compliance of LiteForex

This company is a safe and regulated broker from Cyprus in Southern Europe. So all trading activity is governed by CySec. Also, the broker offers investor compensation up to EUR 20,000 in the event of brokerage liquidation.

Traders who want to avail the benefits of this broker will have to think about the risks it involves too. Keep in mind that the firm runs in a regulated jurisdiction.

Fee Structure of LiteForex

LiteForex offers two account types, and these are the classic and ECN accounts. The Classic account features 0% commissions with spreads that include a markup. The ECN account, which aims for expert traders, charges a flat commission of $5 per round trip per lot.

Since LiteForex works worldwide, the level of leverage depends on where the trader is based. The maximum margin trading approved for forex trades will be 30:1. LiteForex may offer higher ratios to traders based in other countries.

Reliability & Security of LiteForex

Traders can choose between MT4 and MT5 as a trading platform. This software comes with features and benefits. Also known for its data security features, fast execution times, and analytics tools.

This broker provides copy trading that works as a social media network. Traders can see the trades carried out by top-ranked account holders and copy their winning strategies.

Also, LiteForex offers a negative balance protection feature to traders that applies to both account types. The Cyprus Investor Compensation Fund covers all retail trading accounts to a maximum value of EUR 20,000 against broker liquidation.




LiteForex Account Types

LiteForex offers three account types to its traders including a Free Demo Account. They are Demo, Classic, and ECN Account. The traders are encouraged to open Free Demo Account and practice their trading strategies before trading with real money. The ECN accounts execute the trades directly with the liquidity providers and offer the lowest spread compared to Classic Account. Both ECN and Classic Account require a minimum deposit of $50 for Thailand traders.

Free Demo Account

Open a risk-free Demo Account and practice your trading strategy without any risk. The more you practice the better you trade.

Classic Account

LiteForex Classic Account starts with a deposit of $50. Enjoy a very low spread while trading compared to most of the leading brokers.

ECN Account

LiteForex offers ECN Account with a small deposit of $50 where as other brokers require over a $500 deposit for an ECN Account.

LiteForex – User Experience

This broker has spent much in making a great first impression for traders to be. The website shows broad details about the account types. Also, assets open to buy and sell using its platform. Customer service contact details are open for a smooth deal with the support team.

To sign up is simple that provides traders the option of signing up for a demo account. Deposits and withdrawals are also straightforward to traders despite their experience level.

Also, the broker offers a broad range of forex trading educational resources. These consist of tutorials and books on investing, economics, and financial markets. These are traders’ chances to access expert analysis through a partnership with Claws & Horns and LiteForex in-house analysis.


Final Thoughts – LiteForex Thailand

Having a safe and competent broker is vital to your success in trading Forex. Make sure that your broker is not a fraud to avoid losing your funds. For more than 15 years, LiteForex has been successful in giving its services to traders around the world.

So we can say that it is the best choice for both new and seasoned traders in Thailand. It offers high-quality services and gaining the trust of its users. All thanks to its range of account types and the wealth of financial information ready for Thai traders. Hence, we can safely conclude that Lite Forex Thailand is secure and safe.